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Saturday / February 4.

People in psychiatric crisis are often stuck in emergency rooms for hours or days waiting for placement, says Ted Lutterman, senior director of government and commercial research at the NASMHPD Research Institute (NRI). In other cases, there’s nowhere for them to go. Or worse, there are openings but no systemized

Behavioral health crisis services leadership and staff are getting the coronavirus vaccine around the United States, encouraging their colleagues and others to do the same. The rollout began on December 14, 2020. Have a photo you’d like to send? You can reach us at​ [gallery link="none" type="rectangular" size="medium" ids="7980,7978,7976,7971,7972,7963,7939,7937,7931,7898,7896,7894,7867,7866,7844,7845"]

Psychologist Stephanie Woodard, senior advisor on behavioral health at Nevada DHHS, says the coronavirus pandemic’s universality has been profound. “Whether that’s directly by the illness or its effects,” says Dr. Woodard, “or indirectly through increased stressors, isolation, job loss, or school closures.” It has forced people to adapt rapidly to