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Monday / June 5.

As emergency rules put social distancing measures in place in communities across the United States, doctors Aaron Kofman, M.D., and Alfonso Hernandez-Romieu, M.D., infectious disease fellows in the Department of Medicine at Emory University in Atlanta, wrote in Stat that these policies aren’t making their way into the healthcare system,

Since the beginning of the mask discussion in the United States, the mixed messaging has been baffling. Or, more accurately, the swing from ‘surgical masks don’t work’ to ‘use a bandana or scarf’ because it’s better than nothing is striking, and reflects the dire challenge of this coronavirus time: there’s

From a single, disposable mask in the middle of an empty street in San Francisco, practicing social distancing in public, to the first day of homeschool for many families, this is us during the coronavirus outbreak. Have a photo you'd like to send? You can reach us at​ [gallery link="none"